A Man Had Sex With A McChicken Burger, Filmed it, And Posted It Online


If I learned one lesson today, it was that if you see a random thing trending on Twitter – never investigate.

‘#McChicken’ was trending so I thought, hmm, why is McDonald’s normally underrated burger suddenly getting so much attention? Is there a deal happening?

There is no deal. But there is, however, a horrific video involving a man, his penis and a McChicken. And I know, we’ve all seen freaky stuff here on the internet, and you’re probably thinking ‘it can’t be that  bad.’

It’s bad. It’s that bad. The image will be with me forever.

We can’t actually share it with you, but if you really want to find it just search for ‘#McChicken’ on Twitter and click on the videos tab. Prepare to be put off McChickens for life.

So, the internet brought us Damn Daniel and that hot walmart guy, and also the weirdest McDonalds experience of all time ever.

And that’s definitely enough internet for the day. Maybe even the week.

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