What The 'Sherlock' Trailer Does (And Doesn't) Tell Us About Series 4


We have been blessed with a trailer for the new series of Sherlock. A real one. It’s a whole minute and a half long. Not a ten second teaser.

Here’s just a few things we can garner from this titillating snippet of the new series:

Moriarty might (not) be back.

The trailer kicks off with Moriarty asking ‘did you miss me?’ Yes, yes we did, but you’re a dead man? We think? Dead men don’t come back, unless you’re Sherlock Holmes, that is. The writers clearly want to keep us second guessing on this one.

We have a new villain (who even needs Moriarty anyway)

Toby Jones is allegedly going play one of Arthur Conan Doyle’s greatest villains, Culverton Smith. As with all previous seasons, the Sherlock team have given three very vague, single word clues. This time it is Thatcher, Smith, and Sherrinford. Hence people believe that Toby Jones will be playing Culverton Smith.


Culverton Smith appears in the short story The Adventures of the Dying Detective. Without wanting to reveal too much of that story, there’s poison involved and Sherlock has to be at his sly best to catch his nemesis.  

Holmes has grown a beard.

That is all.

It’s the darkest series yet.

Just watching it gave me goosebumps, but show writers Mark Gatiss and Stephen Moffat have told fans that it is the “darkest yet”.

At the recent Comic Con, Sherlock star Amanda Abbington admitted, “It’s really dark. It’s the darkest Steven and Mark have written.”

Oh, the excitement.

Did you notice anything life-changing in the trailer? Let us know in the comments

Image credit: BBC


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