England Fan 'Near Death' As UEFA Open Disciplinary Proceedings Against Russia


Uefa has opened disciplinary proceedings against the Russia Football Union after violent crowd disturbances at the game between England and Russia in Marseilles. 

The BBC reports that the charges include crowd disturbances, racist behavior and setting off fireworks, with sanctions to be decided at a hearing on Tuesday. Russian fans attacked England fans at the end of the game, with the violent scenes being captured on camera.




The violence has been happening both in and outside of the stadium all weekend. One England fan is in very critical condition. Tom Morgan from The Telegraph reported that the supporter was said to be “hovering between life and death. He is in a critical condition after his heart stopped before revival.”

Frensh police began using a water canon before the game to try and stop the violence.

But it didnt work, and the fighting between fans continued into the early hours after England’s 1-1 draw with Russia. A police spokesman said 35 people had been injured, four of which are considered to be serious, although the reality is that the number of unreported wounds is thought to be much higher.

Earlier Joe Hart was seen telling England fans to “be safe” at the final whistle.

Rebekah Vardy, Jamie Vardy’s wife, had earlier tweeted angrily about being teargassed prior to the game.

It’s sad that it has come to this, with the majority of fans just wanting to enjoy the football. 

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