Woman Has Last Laugh After Being Told ‘Girls Like You’ Can’t Wear Bikinis


Bikini shopping is a pretty stressful event as it is, without the addition of strangers and their unwanted bodyshaming and silly opinions. 

Jessica Portelli, 24, from Brighton, was queuing up in Matalan recently to try on a bikini when she says another woman told her she was ‘too big to wear things like that’.

Jessica, who is a size 18-20, refused to be embarrassed and instead  took to Facebook to give her side of the story.

She posted a picture of her in a bikini, along with a message.


The best part? Jessica ended up having the last laugh after a member of staff in the Carden Avenue branch of Matalan insisted that she got a discount on the bikini for having to deal with the changing room nastiness. Probably because they knew they story would end up on the internet!


‘The man in there who offered the discount was so nice to do so, but I wasn’t bothered by what the woman had said, it just went straight over my head,’ she said.

Meanwhile, her post has now been shared 1.3k times.

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