This Is What Happens When You Buy A Prom Dress From China


My prom was a joke. I was immediately annoyed that it wasn’t called a ball, for a start. I was then given the unfair disadvantage of being even shorter than I am now and, considering other boys in the year had starting asking girls out months in advance by getting on one knee, I really didn’t stand a chance of getting a date. Nevertheless I went, got drunk on pre-party champagne, choked the poor food down and held my friend’s jacket as he danced with a girl…

At least that was seemingly better than Juliet Jacoby’s attempts to enjoy herself. Juliet, from Colorado, was clearly looking for a bit of a prom bargain when she was dress shopping online when she came across a nice-looking red dress for the fairly humble price of $149. Good deal, you would have thought…



That’s until her mum started looking around for an even bigger saving and found, what appeared to be, the same dress – only for $35… you’d be stupid not to buy it.


So they did. Turns out that was the stupid thing to do. Because when it turned up (two weeks later than expected) it was appalling…

When I opened the package, I gasped and was shocked by how ugly it was. I cursed a little, and I was floored on how it looked nothing like the picture I saw!… I FaceTimed my friend and she laughed because it was so ugly.” – Juliet told Seventeen

Luckily she wasn’t like one of those awful girl you see on MTV documentaries and, instead, she had a sense of humour about the whole affair…


It seriously looks like it’s made out of red paper napkins and cling film… maybe some people are in to that kind of thing?

And let’s be honest, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened when ordering certain clothes from certain countries…

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So is Juliet sticking with the dress?

I tried the dress on and the zipper was broken… I waited in front of the garage door to see what my mom’s reaction was, and all she did was stand there with the most shocked face for about five seconds, then burst out laughing. My dad said I could still wear it to prom, but I was like, hell to the no! I will not wear this to prom.”

People still say “hell to the no”?

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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