The TV Show Where People Have Sex in A Box Is Back And Twitter Can't Handle It


Just when you thought TV couldn’t get any weirder, Sex Box happened. So now do we not only watch people, watching TV – we also watch people bonking in a box on set, and then chatting about it afterwards. 

And lets not forget the show on Monday that saw dogs being taught how to fly planes. The future is here, and I’m not sure how to feel about it.

Sex Box, both as a premise and as an actual show, is pretty damn awkward. Especially if you watch it with your male housemates like I did, and then get into a full blown discussion about oral sex with people you never want to talk about oral sex with.

So basically, don’t watch it with your parents.

This week, there was a woman who wanted to try lesbian sex for the first time, a couple who wanted to have sex without penetration, and a pair who were best friends but wanted to have a go at getting jiggy.

Are well selling it to you? Because you really should watch it. The weirdest of the three situations had to be the best friends, whose other friends were also in the studio audience but had no clue they were there to sit in the audience while two of their friends had sex in a box in front of them.

Sounds weird when you put it like that, right?

And then there was a weird moment where the resident welshy got a member of the audience to test an iPad app that aims to improve tongue agility…

So basically, if you’ve got a spare hour today – you should definitely watch this show but lie and pretend you didn’t – because obviously you’re far too good to stoop so low.

Here are some other things people had to say about the show:

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