A Gay Penguin Couple Have Been Moved To A New Zoo So They Can Be Together


If you’re neither a penguin nor gay, then relating to this story may be a little hard but, you know… stick with it. It’s a good laugh and a bit cute.

Stan and Olli (both King Penguins) were introduced to Berlin Zoo as part of the European Conservation Programme – the idea was that they’d breed with lady king penguins (queen penguins?) and then you’d have numerous baby penguins (presumably princes and princesses).


But there was trouble in paradise for Stan and Olli as, as fate would have it, they were both gay (queen penguins?). Gay penguins. This was far from ideal with the zoo as, unless you do what Elton John and David Furnish did, a gay couple breeding is usually out of the question.

“They’re gay, as far as we know. They never bred. And when it came to courtship, they only mated with one another,” Said a Berlin Zoo spokeswoman.

For a while though, Stan and Olli were still expected to mate with the ladies which is, you know… a bit sad. Luckily however, Hamburg zoo came the rescue with their progressive animal kingdom relationship views and took Stan and Olli, renamed them Kalle and Grobi for some reason and re-homed them with another gay, sexy, Latino penguin couple, Juan and Carlos.



Here they won’t be expected to reproduce (obviously) and they can enjoy their new lives together without the judgement from all of the heterosexual penguins. Just Kalle and Grobi, Juan and Carlos – two German and maybe Argentine couples living together… sort of sounds like a sitcom.

Anyway, what do you think? Happy for them? You’d have to be pretty cold not to be. Let us know in the comments!

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