This Is What Happens When A Dog Eats A Box Of Crayons


Reddit user ibluemyself0 has a dog. And that dog ate some crayons. So now ibluemyself0 has answered the age old (not really) question that is; if me/my dog eats a box of crayons, will he/I be able to poo the rainbow?

And the answer, surprisingly, is actually almost a ‘yes’.

Just to warn you, if you scroll any further you really will be looking at poo. So, NSFW…


Kind of mind blowing, right? Thanks, ibluemyself0, you’re a modern day hero.

Though, we wouldn’t recommend feeding your dogs crayons. they’re made to be non-toxic but they’re still not, you know, nutritious.

Here are some cute dogs waking up their owners to make you forget about the part where they eat your stuff and poo everywhere:

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