Guy Finds Woman's Phone, Uses Her Tinder, Then Makes A Creepy Post On Her Facebook


There’s nothing worse than that sinking feeling you get when you realise your phone is definitely not in any of your pockets. Or the pockets of your friends. And you realise it’s probably in the pocket of a stranger, never to be seen again.

Luckily for Monica Cook, her phone found it’s way into the hands of someone who did actually hand it in…. eventually.

First, he guessed her ‘easy’ passcode to get into the device. And then, slightly unexpectedly, instead of going through her pictures or something predictably weird – he swiped through tinder until he found himself, and swiped right. Unpredictable, but definitely still weird.

He then posted on her Facebook, saying:


Because that’s not weird and slightly creepy, Luke. No, not at all.

Poor Monica had been out and about trying to find her phone, and when she got home she realised the good people of Facebook had known it’s whereabouts before she had.


Crikey. She’s not a happy bunny.

Once she had eventually picked up her phone and had some time to think about the whole situation, she sounded a lot calmer.


Who would have guessed?!?!


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