Little Girl Mistakes A Random Guy For Santa And He Plays Along Like A Champ


You know what it’s like when you’re doing the weekly shop and you bump into Father Christmas… “oh my god, do I look alright? I can’t believe it’s him! Ask if I’ve been good this year...” it’s all very undignified.

Unless you’re a young girl who seems to be starstruck by the appearance of jolly Saint Nick. That’s right, a kiddiwink was wondering about with her mum when she noticed a man who looked suspiciously like Santa so she did what any one of us would have done and interrogated him…

This guy wasn’t even at one of those grotto things. He was just shopping. But lo and behold, he plays along like a champ .

Okay so everyone’s all like “OOoooooh what a good bloke. Playing along to please the little girl”, but I’m going to throw this curve ball out there. It is Father Christmas and he’s hiding in plain sight. Like Richard Attenborough.

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