How To Turn Off The New iPhone Feature That Could Be Costing You A Fortune



Sneaky little Apple. It seems like they’re always adding in new features that aim to eat up our battery or our data allowances… 

On the latest iPhone or iOS9, it’s a devilish feature called ‘WiFi Assist’. It’s purpose: to switch your phone to 4G if it detects your wifi signal isn’t very strong. For example, if you’re on Youtube or Netflix when you leave home, it’ll switch you over to 4G as soon as your home wifi starts to weaken.

If you have heaps of data in your plan, this could be a great thing, but if you don’t it could cost you a serious amount of dollar…

But do not threat, here is how you can turn it off in three simple steps:

1. Click the ‘Settings’ button on your home screen


2. Click ‘Mobile Data’ or ‘Cellular’ depending on if you’re in the UK or US


3. Scroll to the bottom and under apps you’ll find ‘Wifi Assist’. Switch this off!


And, ta da, your data is all yours again!

Is this a handy tip? Let us know in the comments. 

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