This Guy Earned Millions Traveling The World And Working From His Laptop


Johnny Ward

You know what’d be great, if we could travel around and the world without a care in the world and earn millions in the process. That’d be living the dream, right? Well, Johnny Ward is doing exactly that and we’re not jealous in the slightest. Ok, maybe a little.

The 31-year-old from Northern Ireland has passed through 152 countries over the past three years. Johnny isn’t one of those that was fortunate enough to be born wealthy, it all started out with his travel blog, OneStep4Ward, which his now evolved into an entire media company, Step4WardMedia, which manages a few hundred sites. Nifty eh.
Johnny earns his pennies whilst working remotely from his laptop, which allows him to travel and push towards his goal of visiting all 193 countries across the globe.

Here’s some photos from his epic travels.

Being a tourist in #JinLi old street in #Chengdu, #China before my 43 hour train to #lhasa, #tibet!

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After graduating in 2006, Johnny worked at a summer camp for special needs children, earning him enough to buy a one-way ticket to Thailand.

#sandboarding in #Florianopis, #Brazil #latergram #surfing #everycountryintheworld

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He also found his girlfriend on his travels too..

Johnny says he’s made between £6,000 per month to £40,000 per month, and he averages out around £600 each day.

Continent 7/7 #Antarctica

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Mount #Fitzroy, #Patagonia #argentina. #southamerica #flashpacking #backpacking

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Kissing a llama at #MachuPicchu, no big deal. #peru #travel #traveling #onestep4ward #llamas #punching

A photo posted by Johnny Ward (@onestep4ward) on

#Lemurs in #Madagascar, #bucketlist stuff. Too #cute!! #everycountryintheworld #wildlife #livingthedream

A photo posted by Johnny Ward (@onestep4ward) on

Jealous? Yep, so are we. Fair play to him though, it’s good to see somebody making the most out of life.

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