Only 12 People In The World Can Do This Guy's Job And He's The Youngest By 3 Decades


In a world of touch screens, pens are increasingly looking like the weird guy at a party who hangs around by the radiator holding coats.

But some people still use ’em, honest. Get with it, granddad, AMIRIGHT?! Nah we love a good pen… and so does this guy!


Jake Weidmann is a Master Penman from the United States. Only twelve people left in the world hold this pretty epic sounding title, and he is the youngest by three whole decades. His talents include, but are not limited to, calligraphy and creating crazily intricate hand-lettering. Have a look at this mini-doc about him here…

Who’d have thought penmanship was so deep? We can all agree that Jake Weidmann is pretty good with a pen and it’s nice that he’s carrying on a fairly under-appreciated legacy – what a legend! 


Good luck to him and all future penmen/women!

Do you think being a Master Penman is the coolest title in the world? 

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